Starter PlanPlus

Gain Invaluable Insight Into The Future Of Your Business, The Direction You Need To Take, And The Results You Want To Achieve With A Laser Focused Business Plan Developed During This 4 - 8 Week Program.

With the Starter PlanPlus™, together we will build a focused business plan you use as a tool to direct you and your business toward a defined set of goals / outcomes.  This is critical for your business during the start up phase as it can be very easy to lose sight of those important activities, which lead to business success.  Starter PlanPlusTM can also be used as a document with banks, angel investors, family and friends as a tool to raise capital for the growth of your business.

Your Starter PlanPlusTM has the key components necessary to build your business during this critical start up stage of your business’s development. The process you undergo during the development of your Starter PlanPlusTM with us will uncover the strategies needed to grow your business.  As well we will identify potential opportunities, reduce affects of any weaknesses uncovered and strategize to mitigate potential threats.

Starter PlanPlus™ Gives You:

  1. A laser focused business plan you use to direct your activities and the activities of your business so you get a known outcome and take your business where it needs to be.  Your Starter PlanPlusTM documents the following business areas, giving you a document you can use as a tool to grow your business, keep your business on tract and to offer to potential funders, such as: your bank, angel investors, friends and family, suppliers and employees, or to keep existing key people informed (building confidence):
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Your Business
  4. Your Marketing
  5. Your Sales
  6. Your Management
  7. Your Operations,
  8. Financial Assumptions
  9. Projected Income Statement
  10. Projected Balance Sheet
  11. SWOT
  12. Strategies For Improvement
  13. Appendix Information

How the Starter PlanPlus™ Works

At our initial meeting we will brainstorm solutions you can use to implement immediate improvement for your business and to direct you forward with your new venture.  Over the following 2 — 8 week period (dependent on your timing), and during 2 further sessions with your Business Advisory you will work one-on-one to build your business plan. Your business will also benefit through a combination of advice and brainstorming solutions for improvement.

•    Initial planning and brainstorming meeting

•    One-one one planning and advisor meeting

•    One-on-one planning and advisory meeting

•    Hand over of Starter PlanPlusTM plan and next step meeting

As well as working one-on-one with your Business Advisor, and at the end of your one-on-one sessions, you will be provided with your Starter PlanPlusTM which you can use to grow your business over the next 12 months to 2 years and if desired, used to raise capital, give confidence to existing shareholders and team members.

Your End Result    

A Business Plan that is suitable for a startup business and includes the key components needed for this type of business: Goals and Milestones, KPI’s, Financials Projections, Strategies for improvement and other key components of a professional business plan.

This is Ideal for you if: