Profit GrowthPlus

Find out how to reduce the point of break-even within your business, to dramatically increase your Profitability and Business Value during this 4 Week Program, and forever have the Tools and Skills you need to improve your business Financially.

With Profit GrowthPlus™, you will change the profitability and ultimately, the value of your business. You will understand how to improve your profitability, lower the point at which your business breaks even and starts to make a profit. More importantly, you will gain an understanding of what underlying systems affect your profitability and what to do in order to increase your profits and the value of your business year after year.

You will learn the 7 vital areas of profitability so you can master positive profits and ongoing business value improvement. Profit GrowthPlus™ is designed to improve profitability, and as a “first step” only, you will gain greater advantages for you and your business if you do the Growth PlanPlus™ an additional program.

Profit GrowthPlus™ Gives You:

  • Professional Business Advice: 2 x 1 ½ hour, one-on-one Personalised Business Advisory Sessions with your Business Advisor (over 4 weeks) plus a final 2-hour meeting where you receive your In-depth Profit GrowthPlus™ Report & Strategy Document.
  • Business Improvement Workbook: One compressive assessment & information gathering workbook. The workbook covers: Sales, Cost Of Goods Improvement, Staff Improvement, Productivity, Expense Reduction, and a Break Even assessment and is the first step in us developing the financial outcomes for your business.
  • Financial Key Performance Drivers: you will receive your specific Key Performance Drivers you will use to drive the profitability of your business and where you get to increase the value of your business. The specific Key Performance Drivers have been assessed specifically for your Business and are an ongoing Roadmap to your Financial Success.
  • Financial Projections: A comprehensive historical assessment of your last two years financial performance AND projections for the next two years, modeled on the desired outcomes for your Business and as a result, you have a ‘Known Outcome’ moving forward.

Profit GrowthPlus™is a financial synopsis and review of your businesses profitability, break-even and value multiplier. Your Profit GrowthPlus™ Business Advisor Sessions and Report look at the following areas, giving you the tools and knowledge to have your business make a positive jump financially:

  1. Desired outcomes
  2. Key financial indicators (projected)
  3. Break-Even assessment
  4. Profit assessment
  5. Profit Growth Chart (historic)
  6. Profit Growth Chart (projected)
  7. Financial Health Check (historic)
  8. Financial Health Check (projected)
  9. Break Even (projections)
  10. Sales by month (projected)
  11. Price improvement strategy
  12. Cost of goods reduction
  13. Overheads reduction
  14. Staffing assessment
  15. Strategies for improvement

How the Profit GrowthPlus™ Works

At our initial meeting we will brainstorm solutions you can use to implement immediate improvements for your business and change your current situation. Over the next 4 weeks, and during a series of 3 sessions with your Business Advisor you will work one-on-one to improve and build the profits for your business. Your business will be improved via a combination of business advice, brainstorming solutions for improvement, set action plans and your team working on the strategies for success.

•    Initial brainstorming meeting

•    One-one one planning and advisor meeting focused on the financial modeling of your business

•    Hand over of your Profit GrowthPlus™ Report & Action Plan and your next step meeting

As well as working with your Business Advisor, at the end of the 4 weeks you will be provided with a full report that documents your profitability, break-even and potential value (based on a multiplier value) you can use to increase profitability and the ultimate value of your business. Plus you will receive a set of specific KPI’s you will use as your financial road map.

Your End Result    

Profit GrowthPlus™ gives you the tool to SIGNIFICANT increase your business’s Profitability with a reduction in your Break-Even Point (Which Further Increases Profitability) and an Improvement in your Business’s Value. A potential shift form a 3 times (3 x) value multiplier to a four times (4 x) value multiplier e.g., 3 x Profit = Business Value to 4 x Profit = Business Value. A set of financial KPI’s that you use over the next 12 months to 2 years that ensures the present financial goals will be achieved.

This is Ideal for you if:    

  • You want to increase the value of your business (future sale, future exit strategy etc.)
  • You want to increase the value of your personal assets
  • You have been trading with a negative profit and your personal assests are at risk
  • You either don’t know your ‘Break-Even’ point or it is too high and you want to reduce it