Health 180Plus

Find out why your business is not as strong as you expect and define a new Direction for your business during this 2 Week Program.

With the Health180 Plus™, you will understand the underlying sub-areas of your business, which need to change. Through the assessment of 180 key aspects of your business you will get to visually see what areas impact your business (slowing growth) and need to be addressed and what areas of your business are working well and as such can be left out of the strategy mix.

The Health180 Plus™ is your ‘first step’ toward proactively working on your business within in key areas, which will make a fundamental difference. The more robust Business Advisor and Planning program such as Growth PlanPlus™ should follow your HealthCheck Plus™ program AND there will be one suitable to your budget.

Health180 Plus™ Gives You:

  • Professional Business Advice: 1 x 2 hour, One-on-One Personalised Business Advisory Session with your Business Advisor during your Advisory & HealthCheck Plus™ Report meeting.
  • Online Business Diagnostic & Improvement Module: the online Workbook and Diagnostic Tool covers a 180 Point Diagnostic, Strategy Selection Module where the diagnostic will pinpoint strategies for improvement and you get to select those strategies you believe are important for your business.
  • A Synopsis and graphical representation (dash boards) of your 9 major areas of your business as well as a drill down report defining sub areas where you can place laser focus on individual areas of improvement.

At some point, every business owner needs to assess what areas of the business are working well and can be strengthened, and what areas of their business are not working well and need to be worked on.  The key for most business owners is what do they focus on / what do they give your priority to.

The Health180 Plus™ is a quick way for you to assess your business within 9 key areas, while providing you strategies for improvement, which you can use to guide yourself, your team and your business toward what really matters. The Health180 Plus™ is your tool in review of key areas within your business to diagnose and improve the health of your business:

  1. Lead activity review
  2. Sales review
  3. Repeat business review
  4. Customer value of purchase review
  5. Profitability review
  6. Review of your employee foundations
  7. Directional foundations
  8. Competitive situation review
  9. Cash flow situation review
  10. Strategies for improvement

How the Health180 Plus™ Works

Our team sends you the access codes and instructions on accessing the online diagnostic portal. Over the next week you complete the diagnostic for your business and select strategies from the online strategy builder.  You start the improvement process for your business as the online diagnostic pinpoints (via a question process) which areas of your business need support.

Once your Health180 Plus™ Report has been completed you will gain valuable insight into your business during a 2 hour brainstorming session with your Business Advisor.

•    Setup access to our online diagnostic tool,

•    Ongoing support toward the completion of your diagnostic

•    Handover of your Health180 Plus™ report and strategy plan and brainstorming session on how to improve your business using the Health180 Plus™

•    Offer opportunities to work with our firm toward more longer term     business improvement programs such as Growth PlanPlus™

At the end of your Health180 Plus™ Report Review Meeting you will be provided with a full report that documents the areas of strength and weakness within your business, which areas need to be improved, and what strategies needed to be implemented in order for you to gain those improvements.

Your End Result    

Your Health180 Plus™ Report is a graphical representation of the strengths and weaknesses within 9 key areas of your business. A total of 180 points diagnosed with pictorial clarity so you can easily select which areas of your business to adjust.  Your Health180 Plus™ Report also includes the strategies for improvement on those areas where your rating is low AND the strategies from the online strategy builder in one concise report.

This is Ideal for you if:    

  • Your business needs improvement but you’re not sure which areas
  • You need suggested strategies for improvement as a guide
  • You don’t have a lot of money to spend, but understand the value of external support
  • You need a document your team can use as a focus point over the next 6-12months