Funding PlanPlus

Gain Business Funding, Investment Funds or Long Term Loans through Banks, Investor Angels, Friends, Family, Suppliers and Team Members with a Succinct Business Plan developed during this 2 - 6 Week Program.

With Funding PlanPlus™,together we will build a succinct business plan you can use as a capital raising tool with your bank manager, angel investor, family and friends, team members and suppliers etc., to gain funding for your business. We understand that you sometimes need a business plan quickly, so the Funding PlanPlusTM engagement is quick, succinct and to the point.

Your Funding PlanPlusTM has all the key components as a support document in gaining funds. Although the funding is up to those investing in your business your Funding PlanPlusTM is easy to read, has the key components of a business plan and includes your historical and projected financials. As well, it also includes a financial health assessment to guide the potential investor.

Funding PlanPlus™ Gives You:

  • Professional business advice: While you are supported in the development of a robust business plan which is focused on funding you get 2 x 2 hour, one-on-one personalized business advisor sessions with your Business Advisor plus a final 1 hour meeting where you receive your professionally developed Funding PlanPlustm.
  • Business Planning Modules: via a questionnaire-based business planning workbook, financial assessment and forward projections modeling to pinpoint your ‘ideal’ situation, this unique system builds your business plan aligned to a financially sound outcome.
  • Robust Business Plan: You will receive, within 7 days from the conclusion of your Starter PlanPlus questionnaire, a copy of your finalized business plan.  Your Funding PlanPlus has been specifically developed for your business, including financial modeling to a ‘Best Financial Outcome’ scenario aligned to the requirements of most banks.
  • Ad Hock Email and Phone Support: Where you have access to your Business Advisor to ask important questions about the development of your business plan.
  • Opportunity To Join Other Programs: At your final planning meeting your Business Advisor will talk with you about other support opportunities available for you and your business. These other opportunities are offered to either grow your business through ongoing Business Advisory meetings focused on the financial outcomes of your business or the ongoing provision of management reports you use to direct and manage the financial outcomes of your business.

A financially focused business plan you use as a tool to gain funding to secure the future of your business.  Your Funding PlanPlus™ documents the following business areas, giving you a document you can use to offer to potential funders, such as: your bank, angel investors, friends and family, suppliers and employees, or to keep existing key people informed (building confidence):

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Your Business
  3. Your Marketing
  4. Your Sales
  5. Your Management
  6. Your Operations,
  7. Financial Assumptions
  8. Historical Income Statement
  9. Projected Income Statement
  10. Historical Balance Sheet
  11. Projected Balance Sheet
  12. Historical financial Health Assessment
  13. Projected Financial Health Assessment
  14. Marginal Cash flow
  15. SWOT

How the Funding PlanPlus™ Works

At our initial meeting we will discuss the information you need to gather, brainstorm the financial outcomes needed within your business plan.  Over the following 2 weeks (dependent on your timing), and during a further 2-hour session with your Business Advisory you will work one-on-one to build your business plan.

Your business will also benefit through a combination of advice and brainstorming solutions for improvement.

•    Initial direction and business brainstorming meeting

•    One-one one draft / financial modeling review and advisor meeting

•    Hand over of Funding PlanPlustm plan and next step meeting

As well as working one-on-one with your Business Advisor, and at the end of your one-on-one sessions, you will be provided with your Funding PlanPlus™ which you can use as a tool to raise capital, and give confidence to existing shareholders and team members.

Your End Result    

A Business Plan that is suitable as a tool to raise capital and includes the key components needed for this type of activity: Business Overview, Historical Business Information, Financial Projections / Financial KPI’s and other key components of a professional business plan.

This is Ideal for you if:    

• You need to gain bank finance

• You need to raise capital from either Angel Investors, Financial Institutions, Friends / Family etc.

• You want to build support from bank manager, shareholders, your management team, suppliers, etc.

• You have been trying to complete a plan and know you now need support