CashFlow GrowthPlus

Find out how to dramatically increase your CashFlow, Funds In Your Bank, Profitability, and Business Value during this 8 Week Program, and forever have the Tools and Skills you need to improve your business Financially.

With CashFlow GrowthPlus, you will positively change the CashFlow (money showing up in your bank account), the profitability of your business, lower the break-even point and ultimately increase the value of your business. CashFlow GrowthPlus™ also incorporates the Profit GrowthPlusTM program and as such you get to build profitability and positive cash flow for your business.

By learning the 6 vital areas of Cash Flow and the 7 vital areas of Profitability you will master what’s needed to make your business a magnet for positive Cash Flow, increased Profitability and an ever-increasing Business Value. You will gain greater ongoing value for you and your business from this program when you also do the 12-month Growth PlanPlus™ program.

CashFlow GrowthPlus Gives You:

  • Professional Business Advice: 4 x 1 ½  hour, One-on-One Personalised Business Advisory Sessions with your Business Advisor (over 6 weks) plus a final 2 hour meeting where you receive your CashFlow GrowthPlus™ Report.
  • Business Improvement Workbook: 2 comprehensive workbooks, to use during your Business Advisor Sessions. The workbooks cover: Sales, Cost Of Goods Improvement, Staff Improvement, Productivity, Expense Reduction, Break Even assessment, Debtors Collection, Stock Reduction, and Adjustments / Management of Creditors.
  • Financial Key Performance Drivers: you will receive your specific Key Performance Drivers that you use to drive the cash flow improvements, profitability of your business and to increase the value of your business. Your Key Performance Drivers have been assessed specifically for your Individual Business and your Individual Outcomes and are a Roadmap to your Financial Success.
  • Financial Projections: A comprehensive historical assessment of your last two years financial performance AND robust projections for the next two years, modeled on your desired outcomes for your Business and as a result, you have a ‘Known Outcome’ moving forward.

CashFlow GrowthPlus™ is a financial synopsis and review of your CashFlow, Businesses Profitability, Break-Even and Value Multiplier. Giving you the tools and knowledge to have your business make a positive jump financially:

  1. Key Performance Indicators (projected)
  2. Break-Even assessment
  3. Financial Health Check (historic & projected)
  4. Cash Flow Growth Chart (historical)
  5. Cash Flow Growth Chart (projected)
  6. Sales by Month (projected)
  7. Price Improvement Strategy
  8. Cost of Goods Reduction
  9. Overheads Reduction
  10. Debtors Collection
  11. Creditors Management
  12. Profit Growth Chart (historic)
  13. Profit Growth Chart (projected)
  14. Staffing Assessment
  15. Strategies for Improvement

How the CashFlow GrowthPlus™ Works

At our initial meeting we will brainstorm solutions you can use to implement immediate improvement to your business and change your current situation. Over the flowing 6 weeks, and during a series of 4 sessions with your Business Advisor you will work one-on-one to improve the cash flow and profitability for your business. Your business will be improved via a combination of business advice, brainstorming solutions for improvement, set action plans and your team working on the strategies for success.

•    Initial brainstorming and directional focus meeting

•    3 x One-On-One Business Advisor meetings to build cash flow, profitability and financial model

•    Hand over of your CashFlow GrowthPlusTM Report & Action Plan and your next step meeting

You will be provided with a full report that documents the cash flow position and how to improve cash flow, profitability position and how to improve profits, break-even and potential value (based on a multiplier value) of your business, which you can use to improve your business.

Your End Result    

A SIGNIFICANT free up of CashFlow (More Cash In Your Bank) with a Control of Cost Of Goods, Control of Overheads, Control Of Debtors and Management Of Stock and Creditors. PLUS a SIGNIFICANT increase in Profitability with a reduction in your Break-Even Point (Which Further Increases Profitability) and an Improvement in your Businesses Value. A potential shift form a 3 times (3 x) value multiplier to a four times (4 x) value multiplier e.g., 3 x Profit = Business Value to 4 x Profit = Business Value. A set of financial KPI’s that you use over the next 12 months to 2 years that ensures the present financial goals will be achieved.

This is Ideal for you if:    

  • You want to improve the value of your business
  • You are having difficulty paying your creditors / suppliers
  • You are having difficulty collecting money from clients
  • You want to increase the value of your business (future sale, future exit strategy etc.)
  • You have been trading with a negative profit and your personal assets are at risk