Balanced FocusPlus

Refocus your business and your team to gain more customers, have them buying more often and paying more when they do, while mastering 9 Major areas within your business.

With the Balanced FocusPlus™, you will proactively work on your business using strategies for improvement uncovered as a result of the diagnostic process and high quality, in-depth report. The focus of your business will be aligned to gaining customers, having them come back more often and paying more when they do with higher levels of profit and cash flow.

Balance FocusPlus™ is your “first step” to the improvement of your business and your personal situation AND is more powerful when undertaken with ongoing business advisory support via one of the ongoing one-on-one Business Advisory Sessions.

Balanced FocusPlus™ Gives You:

  • Professional Business Advice: 2 x 1 ½ hour, One-on-One Personalised Business Advisory Session with your Business Advisor (over 3 weeks) plus a final 3 hour meeting where you receive an in-depth Synopsis, Diagnostic, Strategy Action Plan and forward looking Brainstorming Session.
  • Online Business Diagnostic & Improvement Module: the online Workbook and Diagnostic Tool covers a 180 Point Diagnostic, Strategy Selection Module, Historical information collection and Business Projections. Other Focus areas include Target Market, Product Assessment, Customer Assessment and Personal Focus to your Business Goals.
  • A Synopsis of past Personal Goals, Personal areas of Importance, Cultural Alignment and Personal Desires for the Business. Specific Goals for undertaking the program and how they will be achieved.
  • A Synopsis of past Business Goals, Business areas of Importance, Cultural Alignment and Business Direction. Key areas of Business including Increasing Customer Numbers, Average Value of Sale, Buying Frequency. Pricing, Profit (via Cost Of Goods & Expense reduction) and a range of other Key Areas such as Customer Focus Clarity, Product Breakdown and Defined Target Markets.

The in-depth review and Business Advisory sessions will set the direction of your business. Balance FocusPlus™ looks at the your personal desires matched to your current business’s direction in order to refocus both. An in-depth assessment of key points and a strategy for improvement action plan to focus your activities toward true growth and prosperity:

  1. Personal goals & business goals
  2. Business growth chart
  3. Cash Flow — big picture overview
  4. Business situation & competitiveness
  5. Target Market
  6. Diagnostic — Inbound customer enquiry
  7. Diagnostic — Sales team / system focus
  8. Diagnostic — Customer value of purchase
  9. Diagnostic — Net profit focus
  10. Diagnostic — Team foundations
  11. Diagnostic — Directional focus foundations
  12. Diagnostic — Competitive situation
  13. Diagnostic — Cash flow situation
  14. Strategies for improvement

How Balanced FocusPlus™ Works

At our initial meeting we will brainstorm solutions you can use to implement immediate improvement and direct your activities toward those important areas of your business.  Over the following 2-week period (dependent on your timing), and during your next session with your Business Advisory you will work one-on-one to build your Balanced FocusPlus™ improvement plan. Your business will also benefit through a combination of advice and brainstorming solutions for improvement.

•    Initial brainstorming meeting

•    One-one one planning and advisor meeting

•    Hand over of your Balanced FocusPlus™ Report & Action Plan and your next step meeting

As well as working with your Business Advisor, at the end of your 3 weeks you will be provided with a full report that documents your personal goals, business goals, the strengths of your business, the weaknesses of your business and key strategies for improvement which you will use to improve your business.

Your End Result   

An understanding of what your Business needs to improve over a 180 Laser Focused report & strategy document that you can use to SIGNIFICANT increase your number of customers, build the average spend of your customers while getting them to come back more often. An overall Laser Clarity of Direction, plus the Refocus of Business Goals with your Personal Goals will also be achieved.

This is Ideal for you if:   

• The business directs you toward its outcomes - your needs are secondary

• What you want and what the business needs are causing tension

• You want a clear set of strategies to grow your business

• You want to know what is affecting your cash flow & how to improve it