Advantage SwotPlus

Dramatically improve your understanding of the Key Financial Drivers within your business and the impact past decisions have had on the Financial Viability of Your Business. Project And Direct your Financial Future.

With Advantage SwotPlus™, we will look at your last two financial years and red flag financial areas which have been negatively affected as a result of past management decisions, and show you how to turn these into green flags with some minor changes.

Through the diagnostic of your last two financial years Profit & Loss and Balance sheet, we can model changes and project forward 1 ,2, 3 or 5 years in advance to assess the results AND change again, until we have a defined set of KPI’s to follow. As a “first step” only program, you will gain greater a advantage for you and your business if you do the Advantage Plan as an additional program.

Advantage SwotPlus™ Gives You:

  • Professional Business Advice: 2 x 1 hour, One-on-One Personalised Business Advisory Session with your ProfitPlus Accounts Business Advisor (over 8 weeks) plus a final meeting where you receive your Advantage SWOT meeting
  • Online Business Improvement Module: the online Workbook and Diagnostic Tool covers a 200 Point Diagnostic, Strategy Selection Module, Historical information collection and Business Projections. Other Focus areas include Direction and planning, Leadership and Management, Branding, Database Development, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Finance, Profit Management and Cash Flow Management.
  • Financial Diagnostic: A comprehensive assessment of your Income Statement, Price Volume Sensitivity, Balance Sheet Key Drivers, Working Capital Cycle, Asset Turnover, Return On net Assets, Cash Wastage, Interest Cover and Debt Service Cover.
  • Financial Projections: A comprehensive historical assessment of your last two years financial performance AND projections for the next two years, modelled on the desired outcomes for your Business and as a result, you have a ‘Known Outcome’ moving forward.

Advantage SwotPlus™ gives you a financial synopsis and in-depth review of all your business financial areas.  Advantage SwotPlus™ looks at the following areas, giving you the tools and knowledge to have your business make a positive jump financially:

  1. Key Performance Indicators (projected)
  2. Break-Even assessment
  3. Financial Health Check (historic & projected)
  4. Cash Flow Growth Chart (historical)
  5. Cash Flow Growth Chart (projected)
  6. Sales by month (projected)
  7. Price improvement strategy
  8. Cost of goods reduction
  9. Overheads reduction
  10. Debtors collection
  11. Creditors management
  12. Profit Growth Chart (historic)
  13. Profit Growth Chart (projected)
  14. Staffing assessment
  15. Strategies for improvement

How the Advantage SwotPlus™ Works

At our initial meeting we will brainstorm solutions you can use to implement immediate improvement to your business and change the current situation. Over the next 4 weeks, and during a series of 3 sessions with your ProfitPlus Accounts Business Advisor you will work one-on-one to improve your financial understanding of your business. Your business will be improved via a combination of business advice, brainstorming solutions for improvement, set action plans and your team working on the strategies for success.

As well as working with your Business Advisor, at the end of your 4 weeks you will be provided with a full SWOT that documents the financial strengths of  weaknesses of your business e.g. where your figures are down and need to come up, where your figures are too high and need to be reduced plus an action plan you can use to improve your business.

Your End Result    

A SIGNIFICANT understanding toward the financial drivers of your business and the current financial viability of your business AND what needs to be changed in order to strengthen your business financially. What ‘Red Flags’ need urgent attention, what ‘Yellow Flags’ require future attention and what ‘Green Flags’ can be strengthened! Ultimate result is a greater degree of financial control.

This is Ideal for you if:    

  • The financial health of your business is in question or you know it can be greatly improved
  • You are working hard but there is no cash
  • There is no clear set of benchmarks you are working towards
  • You need to gain funding in the future so you need a strong set of numbers
  • You want a set of financial strategies to work towards